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| News | Gerlin Participaties

On June 15th, the restructuring of Gerlin, which invests in small and medium-sized German listed companies, was successfully completed. With the execution of the final deed in a series of transactions, Gerlin NV merged into Gerlin Participaties Coöperatief UA.

The restructuring was an important step for the further growth of the fund. Gerlin Participaties can now issue new participations. Existing shareholders can further expand their stake, and new investors can join. Due to the new structure, corporate investors can invest from €250,000, taking advantage of the participation exemption.

Fund manager Rombout Houben: "The legal restructuring is important for the further development of the Gerlin Participaties fund. Existing and new corporate investors are also investing in the new structure with participation exemption in German small caps. By attracting new capital, the portfolio with eight participations can be further expanded in the coming years. Since its establishment in October 2016, Gerlin has achieved an average annual return of more than 10%, significantly outperforming the market."

If you are interested in investing in Gerlin Participaties , you can contact Teslin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Profile of Gerlin Participaties

Gerlin Participaties holds substantial interests in smaller German listed companies with value creation potential and solid balance sheet ratios. The market value at the time of initial investment is up to €1 billion. Gerlin Participaties holds interests between 5% and 10% in eight to twelve companies. Investors investing through a corporate entity are eligible for the participation exemption.

This is an advertisement. Gerlin Participaties is included as an investment institution in the register maintained by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets. The tradability of the participation rights in Gerlin Participations is limited because Gerlin Participaties is a closed-end investment institution. For more information about this risk, please refer to Gerlin Participaties' information memorandum and the essential information document.

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