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Gerlin Participaties

German shareholdings

Gerlin Participaties Coöperatief UA ('Gerlin Participaties') holds substantial stakes in small companies listed on the German stock exchange. These are value-creating companies that have promising prospects and often pay attractive dividends. Key selection criteria are the quality of the management, the growth potential and profitability of the company, its position in the market segment in which it operates, a good vision of ESG risks and solid balance sheet ratios. More often than not, a large portion of the shares is still held by the original founding family and/or incumbent management. As a long-term shareholder, Gerlin Participaties is constructive and engaged.

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Value and returns of Gerlin Participaties

Intrinsic value
per 30/09/2023
€ 16.195,50

(from 30/09/2023)
(reinvested dividend included)

Average annual return
Gerlin Participaties*

3 years5,2%
5 years5,7%
Since inception (in 2016)7,7%

Based on reinvested dividend, as of the last day of the previous month
Annual returns of Gerlin Participaties*
2022 -30,0%
2021 26,9%
2020 19,3%
2019 22,8%
2018 -15,7%

Including reinvested dividend, after costs, based on a calendar year
Historical return Gerlin Participaties (per August 31st, 2023)*


Includes reinvested dividend
Dividend paid out by Gerlin Participaties

Gerlin Participaties aims to pay out an annual dividend that at least equals that of the previous year.

BNP Paribas SA, Netherlands branch, calculates the intrinsic value on every first working day of the week. Our external accountant, KPMG Accountants NV, verifies our financial statements and valuation at the financial year-end.

The value of your investment may fluctuate. Past results are no guarantee for future results. A Key Investor Information Document is available for this product. This includes information about the product, the costs and the risks. Please ask for this information and review it before you buy the product.

Fund manager Gerlin Participaties

Rombout Houben (1971) studied business management at Erasmus University Rotterdam. After a career as an equity analyst at IRIS/Robeco, he worked as a senior portfolio manager in 2005-2007, with responsibility for funds including the Robeco European Midcap Equities fund.

Rombout is a member of the Eumedion investment committee. He is part of the Teslin team since 2007 and is fund manager for Gerlin Participaties and Midlin.

Supervisory board Gerlin Participaties

Frits Baron van Dedem

Since March 2016

Hank Boot

Since February 2019

Velina Allerkamp

Since March 2023

Documentation Gerlin Participaties

These documents are only available in Dutch.

document midlin factsheet 11

Gerlin kwartaalbericht Q1 2020/2021

document gerlin jaarverslag

document midlin EBI

document midlin prospectus

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