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Since 1991, Teslin has been active as a committed long-term investor. We invest in small and medium-sized listed companies with sustainable value creation potential in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. We are convinced that sustainable value creation is only possible if a company takes into account the interests of all stakeholders. We therefore consider it a logical step to further integrate ESG ('Environmental, Social and Governance') into our investment policy and criteria.

It is our ambition to invest in companies that are well-positioned for a sustainable future, or at least have the ambition to become well-positioned. We are convinced that this is only possible if a company does business in a decent manner, which means that the company must take into account the interests of all stakeholders, the environment and society. In the long term, doing so will also benefit performance. Part of investing is identifying and managing risks. We do this through in-depth analysis of, and involvement in, a select number of companies. ESG fits into this process.

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